What are men compared to rocks and mountains?

Despite the fact that this blog is called "returning to the land," the last thing I really want to do is sleep outside. I love being outside but after a couple hours I want to return to my bed. Sure I am only 26, but I kind of feel "too old" for that. Waking up with my hip hurting? Yikes, it makes me feel like a grumpy old woman. 

Regardless, last weekend, I found myself in a tent in Estes Park, CO. Levent's family are avid campers and invited me along with year. So, I "braved" the elements and went. The trip had its ups and downs, but overall, I am glad I went. Colorado is beautiful and since it is "right next door," it seems like a waste to not go and enjoy it. The scenery, the food, and the company were all great. It was great to breathe in the mountain air and to be a part of Levent's family for the weekend.