North Carolina getaway

In between two work conferences held in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to go home to North Carolina. First stop, Raleigh to see my sister's family. My sister and I did what we do best in cool cities: eat food and drink coffee. It was magical. I wish I could go back there. 

 Oh, and spending time with this little guy is always a highlight

 And, of course, we had to visit the farmer's market.

Every summer, Leah takes a photo like this
After my few short days in Raleigh, I headed back up to Asheville to hang with my parents. They took me out for brunch at this awesome place in West Asheville that has their own garden next door. There were hipsters in plaid all over the place. 

It wouldn't be a fall getaway to Asheville without taking in a hike or two.

There was mica all over the place. It was beautiful
Tom's Creek Falls

My favorite hiking buddies

Grassy Creek Falls

Aw, that beautiful Mountain air. These are the best moments.

I am so glad I got to "run down" to NC for a few days.