Sweet (potato) fall

The best of times is in the fall... unless we're talking about the spring... or the lovely days of summer before the heat moves in.

Forget it. I can never actual decide what season I like best (though I know for sure it is not winter). Still, there is something that needs to be said about the arrival of fall. Cooler lows have started to make their way to the great state of Kansas (though the next day still might decide it's hot again, which feels a little bit disorienting after spending two weeks on the east coast where fall is already). The leaves have not started to change, but there is a little bit yellowing that is slowly happening in the tree tops. I stopped and looked for it today on my way out to my garden that will not die.

Okay, this is a good thing (and you already know my exhaustion that comes with gardening). I've still be enjoying the "fruits of my labor" so to speak. All week I've been eating the rest of my cantaloupe (even if it was a little underdeveloped) and last night I made potato and eggplant curry with one of the last eggplants of the season. (Who knows though. That eggplant is a machine. There are new ones developing on it all the time).

And actually, this year is the first time I get to really experience fall harvesting because of fall crops. This was the first year I planted sweet potatoes and even though I am sure they did not do very good (as I dug around in them this morning), I did manage to harvest this gigantic sweet potato that is crying out to be made into a soup. If nothing else comes from my sweet potato plants, it won't really matter. i am so proud of this baby.