The Barn Sale

So I've been gone awhile (more on that later) and when I got back to the great state of Kansas, it suddenly was fall (though maybe only for one day. We had the air conditioning on yesterday and today's high in the low 60s).

It also happened to come on the same day that the Kansas Barn Sale fell this year. So we bundled up and ventured out in the cold October morning.

This year, the sale had twice has many vendors as last year and was buzzing with activity. It was a great way to be welcomed back to Kansas.

If I lived on my homestead, I would've bought one of these awesome silverware wind chime

The Cake Face food truck was there again. 
We got breakfast bierocks from cake face. They were so warm and felt nice on our faces. 
I found a beautiful piece of furniture

I named him Edger Allan because he is a Poe table. 
(Thanks for Jasmine for the photos)