Winter is coming, my friends.

Okay, don't believe for a second that I am skipping fall. It is here. I know winter is still a little ways away. (Thank goodness). But that doesn't mean that we haven't already had snow, just for it to melt the very next day when it was back to being sunny and in the 60s. I missed that happening but I came home to a very dead garden.

Still, the frost might've killed my garden, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I am done with it yet.

Yeah, I know. Can't stop/won't stop.

I went outside this morning to do a little bit of work in the garden and even though I accomplished close to nothing, I figured it was time to start thinking about winterizing my garden, and in some ways, my life as well.

Winterizing means putting the hose, buckets and other garden tools I had put in random places back in the garage where they belong, which is what I did this morning. It also meant putting some leaves on my backyard  garden (though I realized that was a lot of work and since not many leaves have fallen yet, I think I will do this project in stages).

Winterizing means remembering to take care of the spinach growing in my cold frame. I opened the lid this afternoon. I hope I can remember to close it tonight, since the low is supposed to be in the 30s. burr.

Winterizing recently happened in my closet, meaning I finally pulled out my sweaters and packed away summer items that aren't ideal for layering during the winter. Cozy clothes season has begun.

Winterizing means admitting that it was a bad season for apples and thus, sadly, I will not have applesauce downstairs with the rest of my canned produce. But it's okay. At least I have something on the shelves. The grand total is as follows:

Diced Tomatoes: 21 pints (which seems like a lot, but is not since I had 12 plants… Also, in reality I currently only have 20 pints since I already ate one).
Green beans: 39 pints and 10 quarts. (I did really good this season with these. I will definitely be able to "survive" the winter with this lot)
Peaches: 13 quarts canned, 2 quarts frozen. (Even if I can't have applesauce, I am happy I at least have some fruit waiting for me for the winter months).

Winterizing means starting to think about Christmas. That's right, I said it. Me, the famous Christmas hater, (which, okay, is not completely fair or accurate). I actually have started working on buying Christmas presents this week, since I do not want to be ambushed by it in a few weeks, nor do I really want to drive around Wichita by myself in the crazy holiday traffic. Part of this Christmas thought also means thinking about road trip music. Levent and I will be trekking eastward this holiday season, spending a ridiculous amount of time in the car. So, I came to the conclusion last night that I am going to make us a hipster mix for the car (since Levent's music tastes are super hipster anyway and I am always looking for a reason to make a music mix). My current two new favs are Harlem River Blues by Justin Townes Earle and Bleeding Out by The Lone Bellows. Levent introduced me to Justin Townes Earle. The Lone Bellows found me in Morton, Illinois. I was driving and heard them on the radio. I had to pull over so I could download an app that can recognize music on the radio. Thankfully, I managed to find out who was singing like an angel on the radio. Best find. And, to top off all these musical finds,  someone on Facebook posted that The Head and the Heart's new album was available on amazon for 69 cents! Score! (I saw it just in time too because it already went back to regular price). Something, I am sure will make the Christmas hipster mix.

That's all for now. It is, after all, still fall, y'all.


  1. It's an old post but I found it just in time! Thank you for sharing it!


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