Work trips

For me, fall has brought forth a season of work travels - like so many it is a little bit stressful to this homebody person whose ideal day involves coffee and staying home and reading. Nevertheless, the road demands us.

My recent travels for work my feel exhausting, but thankfully, I've been able to make them fun along the way thanks, in part, by instagram.

The first round of travels took me and my co-worker Diana Miller (who is the MCC US Thrift Shop developer coordinator) out to Liberal, Kansas and La Junta, Colorado to visit the MCC thrift shops there.

1. Dorothy statues were all over Liberal, Kansas.

2. Most of our boring drive was in the fog.

3. The ceiling in one of the state fair buildings in La Junta, Colorado.

4. A dinner breakfast with Diana before we headed back to Kansas.

5-6. Downtown La Junta.

The second round took me to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, which is outside of Philly, for a conference hosted by the data base software we use at MCC.

1. I was not there for very long but I was still lucky enough to see my friend/former Radical Journey teammate, Connie, who goes to school close to where I was. It was kind of a random meeting, but it was wonderful.

2. We grabbed supper from an Italian pizza place  (where some of the workers were speaking Italian) across the street from the hotel where I was staying and sat in the cool grass. It was amazing. Also the Stromboli I had was massive. Oh my. It was great.

3. The hotel were I was staying for the conference gave me a cookie when I checked it.

4. Sitting in Sessions.

5. On the bookends of this trip, I stayed back at the MCC headquarters in Akron, PA. On my last night there, I went out for tea in Lancaster with one of my MCC Akron counterparts.

6. I had to be at the Harrisburg Airport supper early in the morning on my way out. It felt like I was the only one there.

Since I had two conferences in PA to attend there were awkwardly spaced, I flew down to North Carolina to visit my family for a few days. (more about that in the next post). But before I knew it, I was flying back up into MDT once again.

1. In MDT, early in the morning, watching the sunrise before I flew to NC.

2. I judge ever airport on whether or not they have a jamba juice or not. The Charlotte airport passed the test.

3. Back in Akron, PA. We stayed at the MCC welcoming center even though our conference was in Lancaster. The welcoming center has different houses that are all theme off of continents.

4. This time I stayed in the Asia house.

5. On Tuesday, during our lunch break, a few coworkers and I ran across the street to go to the Lancaster central farmer's market that has been in the same location since the 1700's. It was amazing

6. Market time.

1-3. Outside the Market in Lancaster.

4. We had 1/2 hour breaks in the morning and so on Wednesday, I finally dashed down a few city block and got some real coffee at Cafe one eight.

5. One evening, the MCC US donor relations network (who was there with me at the conference and then later back in Akron for meetings) went out to eat at a restaurant near a river. It was a lovely fall evening to sit outside.

6. I ordered a crab cake.

1. The Welcoming place (specifically the Asia house) in the misty, cool PA morning.

2. Randomly, while I was there, I went with a friend and fellow beaver to a Bluffton alumni gathering one evening I had free. They gave me this Bluffton pen, which I then used at the Everence conference all wekk.

3. Social media in fundraising session

4. On the very last evening, the boss-boss man and I were the only ones around so we went to this tiny Vietnamese place for supper. I love me some vietnamese soups.

5. Flying back into ICT, (finally) at the tail end of a storm.

6. When I got home, Levent made me a Turkish meal, complete with hummus. Levent and Turkish food? It was the best combination to come home to.

I don't get to be home very long before I head back out again, but, dang, is it nice to be here.