Prairie work travels

This past weekend took me to Oklahoma, which, thankfully, is not that far away from where I live as all this traveling is starting to take its toll on me. This work trip included the Oklahoma Mennonite Relief Sale which was full of (1) Quilts, (2) the best Kettle corn I've ever had (and that is saying a lot since I don't generally like kettle corn), and a ton of mediocre crafts. I was grateful to have plenty of down time though during our weekend travels (3).

1. Me. 2. A pub in Enid where we had supper 3. Oklahoma

After our time in (1) Oklahoma, we came back up to Kansas with our MCC US co-worker. This whole week, I've been taking him around to meet with churches, donors and thrift shops (2 &3… don't be confused. The Buffalo is not a donor. It was on the wall of a BBQ place in McPherson where we met with the Board of the ReUse It Center, a second-hand building materials store that donates to MCC (3).

I may grow weary of traveling but at least there is always interesting things to see… even in the Prairie.