The Applesauce finale

Whether I like it or not, winter is here. And with the beginning of winter comes the very end of my canning season.

I actually had though this was over a while ago. But I guess a gardner's work is never done. A few weeks ago my co-worker, Tina, told me that Meridian Grocery was selling apples by the bulk that they got from Washington and Michigan. I had been waiting for this moment all fall, though my hope was that they were going to be local apples from Missouri. Oh well, despite my locavore goals, I went ahead and bought a box of golden delicious.

And thanks to Tina, who let me borrow her apple processing machine, I was apple to crank out the sauce in a few short hours. (My freezer is full of the stuff now).

It might not be the best batch of applesauce ever, but I am glad I was able to end my season with this fruit. It will definitely help me to eat healthier this coming winter.

See my post from last year for directions.