Christmastime is here

It's coming. But I guess since most of the hype of Christmas happens before the actual day, it would be more accurate to say it is here.

Typically, I am grinch about Christmas. It's all the fake happiness and commercialism that makes me grumpy when really, I think the Advent season is best described how John, the pastor of Hesston Mennonite Church, mentioned last Sunday. The Advent season is a time of waiting for God's joy in the midst of despair. Yeah, I think that sums it up.

Nevertheless, I have felt less cynical about the holiday so far this December, mostly because I haven't really been that exposed to Christmas commercialism. I never watch TV shows on actual TV anymore. I listen to radio stations that are slow to spin any holiday jingles (thank God). And actually, that has made a huge difference.

I am also trying to do more things this season that I enjoy doing. I've made "Christmas cookies" twice already. And, I decided to be all "pinteresty" and make my own wrapping paper, which was really simple and a lot of fun.

 I bought some brown paper and some white spray paint. Then I found these snowflake ornaments are the Et Cetera Shop (the Thrift Shop in Newton). It was pretty easy.

Finished gifts. (I also got that ribbon at the Et Cetera Shop for 25 cents).

See? Look at me enjoying Christmastime.