Columbus Christmas

This Christmas, Levent and I headed out east for the holidays. Our first stop was Columbus, Ohio where his parents and brother live. It was awesome to be back in a city again with new experiences, good food and great people. 

On our "Christmas Eve" Day, (which was actually the Saturday before Christmas), we had a Turkish brunch on the floor.

That same afternoon, I met up with my cousin and Aunt who live outside of the city for coffee in the German Village. 
 I am known be to be a "Christmas hater" but I loved siting in the living room with the Christmas lights and candles in the evening. Beautiful.

 Also, I got to be around this great guy all the time (even if he never wants to take a picture with me). (I also met their family dog, Jo).
1. The mosaic on the front porch. 2. Christmas with Canadians 3. Breakfast at the Angry Baker

On our last day in Columbus, the Millers took us out for breakfast at the Angry Baker, which was this cute little hipster place near their house. (My fork and knife burrito is on the left). Followed by an afternoon of ice skating.

Doesn't that 3rd picture from our drive to Asheville  look like a ziggurat? 
All and all, it was a really good holiday week. I am glad I got to tag along.