hair drama

As long as it's January, I will not stop talking bout the new year.

2014, baby.

I told my sister yesterday via text that this year might be an interesting one in the sense of my fashion choices. This was after a visit to our local MCC Thrift Shop where I purchases some interesting dresses that I am not sure I can actually pull off. (One, I am pretty sure is actually a robe, but I am determined to make it into a dress somehow).

This is also true in the sense that on Friday I went to the salon and chopped my hair off.


Why did I do that? It looks nice in this photo because the stylist curled it. When I try to let me curls be natural. No good. Nor can I recreate the curls. So I am completely in the regret stage. I miss my hair and being able to do things with it. Now, I probably will straighten the crap out of it and pull it hair back. Always.

This is also regrettable because I just read a lot of information about curly hair, the different types of curls and how to treat them. I've switched to conditioners that don't have curl stripping chemicals in them. I've been drying my hair with a t-shirt. I even wrap my hair up in a scarf and let it dry that way so my waves will get some extra volume. It's all really good stuff. Curly girls are not very well loved in the media and pop culture. But knowing how to handle it with care has made me embrace it more and doesn't make me view it as a flaw.

Until now.

In many ways, I feel as if I am back at square one of needing to learn how to style my hair.

And I know it seems silly to dedicate an entire post about hair, but it's a big deal for me. I did not start wearing my hair curly until my sophomore year of college. I didn't start liking my curls until I was in South Africa (a country that, for whatever reason, made my hair super curly). It was also at this point that my hair started getting long. The longer it got the better I got at knowing what to do with my hair. Moreover, after I got home from South Africa, I really started taking better care of myself, which reflected itself in my apperence. All of this sounds really vein, but it helped me feel beautiful, something my very insecure self never really felt before, at least not in any consistent way. So much of that self-actualization was because of my hair. Now, I must force myself not to hold much weight in the length of my curls. That's hard for me to do.

I know, I know, it'll grow back. I just need to be patience. And hopefully more self-actualization will come out of it.


  1. Ouch! I used to have my hair done in a way I thought would look good, but I ended up being terribly frustrated. It took me a few weeks, a lot of product, and patience to fix what I've done. And I had some helping hands too! I have amazing friends that gave me tips to return it to the crowning glory status that it was. So that's my suggestion; ask a few of your friends if they have some hair tips, or even salon recommendations. That way, you're sure that you're being taken care of. I hope your hair problems are gone by now!

    Kim @ Charisma for Hair


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