Sunday Snow

It snowed a lot in Kansas the day after Levent and I left on our Christmas adventures out east, which means that we missed the opportunity to comply with the law of my family tradition to make donuts the first real snow of the season. Since it snowed (kinda) this past week, we decided that it was close enough. So yesterday, we made homemade donuts and watched the chiefs blow yet another post-season game to the colts.

We must've been prophetic in our donut making because that same evening it snowed, enough to constitute a donut day snow (even though the blowing and drifting has revealed some of the grass, but hey, in Kansas, you got to work with what you were given).

I have decided that I can appreciate snow now that I occasionally get a snow day from work. Also, it's a fun reason to eat donuts and do nothing. Yet, this new year seems to be off to a slow start. With this snow has brought me a round of cabin fever. I can't wait to not have to wear socks all the time. Or to go to Costa Rica.

Oh well. I am not complaining about any form of moisture that falls from our dry sky.

Happy donut day!… whether it's real or fake…or both.