The 2014 Travel Season

Well, it has started already.

To kick-start this new year, I traveled to Akron, PA, home of the MCC US office, for our annual bi-national Communications and Donor Relations meetings
Typical MCC meetings shot
Burger Night with some coworkers 
On campus
This is why I am not a professional. I cannot stop doodling in meetings (and on the plane)
This past week, just so happened to also kick start me being full time (instead of just 80%. Ironically, I took today off since the traveling and the long, heady meetings maxed me out). I feel excited about it (especially because of the pay increase). But I also feel a little anxious. This will be my second year working in development. I really hope that I can start living up to the challenge of actually talking to people I don't know. (As an extreme introvert, this is terrifying). I know I have it in me, it's just a matter of having enough gumption.

It'll be an interesting year.