Today I wrote 2014 for the first time

So I guess that means that it is finally here. Though I felt so flustered at the bank drive through window this morning and since I was concentrating so hard on writing '14 and not '13 for the year, I may have gotten today's date completely wrong. Oh well.

It is probably a true sign of getting old when you find yourself saying "I can't believe it's (insert new year here)" every first week in January. Well, time is marching on because I cannot stop saying that every year.

2014. Are you serious?

I still think the 90's were not that long ago.

All of a sudden, 2014 is here already and I still haven't figured out what I want my first post of the new year to be about. Typically, I like to reflect on the past year or right hopes for the new year and sure I'll get to that, but I feel like all of that can be summed up in what I told Levent on New Year's Eve. Here is to hoping that 2014 is way better than 2013.
New Year's Dinner on the floor
For me, personally, this past year has been pretty great. (After all, Levent I started dating in February 2013). But for my family, 2013 has been a nightmare. On some level, it's hard to think of 2014 as a new start when really, January 1st was just a Wednesday and everything seems to be continuing on the way it has been for the past few months.

But maybe that is what is so great about a new year. That even a Wednesday can suddenly turn into a brand new, fresh start for people. Going to work on the following Thursday might feel like hell, but hey, at least it's a new year.

I do have some hopes for this coming year, though they are nothing out of the ordinary. Like I hope I go to Costa Rica to visit my friend Laura. I also hope my garden, which will be smaller this coming spring, will still be successful. I hope my relationship with Levent continues to get even more amazing. I hope that I continue to learn how to be my genuine self around my friends. I hope that I continue getting more confident at my current job. If all of those things work out, then 2014 will be a good year.

Here is to hoping.

And here is my annual picture tribute to 2013.