Akron, part II

Back again. Meetings again. I always go to Akron PA the MCC US office in sets of two. 

This time it was for the Thrift Shop Leadership Development conference. The worst thing is that I missed 3 snow days! back home in Kansas. boo. Oh well, at least I got my own bathroom for 6 whole days. 

The Asia house
1 & 2. We got snow too, but since we were all right there, no snow days. 3. Best mug. On the back it said "My love for you is enormous"
We went to a lot of MCC Thrift Shops. I found a lot of sweet stuff. (1) Like this yellow chair I wish I could put in my bag. 2. I found sweet vintage bowls that go with my plates, great Agatha Christie books for 50 cents each and clarks for 8 bucks! Score!
Lancaster county also was hit with an ice storm. It did a ton of damage but it was beautiful in the sunshine.