Coffee and Cauliflower

Sometimes I skip church on purpose.

Today was on of those days. I met my friend, Amy, for coffee at the Lincoln Perk. We caught up over mugs of coffee with her photography hanging above us on the walls. (She has her first show there right now).

It is moments like this that nourish my soul, more so than any stand-up, sit-down church service ever seems to do. I am blessed to have Amy as a friend. As someone who is an artist herself with homestead ambitions and a former English major with a really great perspective on life, it is good to "sit at her feet" and celebrate and struggle together.

It is not uncommon for our conversations to be interwoven with topics of gardening and creative projects. This morning, we were talking about my struggle with writing when Amy gifted me with a nugget of truth. She spoke about her recent research on how cauliflower grows. Cauliflower is a hard vegetable to raise; there are so many things that must be regulated for life to continue. Amy mentioned  that, above all things, it is important to make sure that the cauliflower continues to grow, and what a great metaphor that is for life, especially the creative process.

Above all, make sure it continues to grow.

That is very encouraging for someone like me who gets stuck. Probably the things I can't seem to get past are maybe just road blocks and not dead ends.  That is the moment of truth from this morning that I continue to hold close.

Who would've thought you could learn so much from a very strange vegetable.