Pimpin' Joy Week

Oh the madness.

No for real. Sometimes I feel really angry and annoyed. I am angry for my sister's sake. I am angry at the cold weather. And I am super annoyed when I ask folks to update a simple excel spreadsheet that they think the proper response to that is to copy and paste the whole thing into the body of an email.


But I have learned my lesson about using a blog to complain. The problem with it is that people read it and then I get in trouble for putting my foot in my mouth.


So instead of focusing on all the things that are pissing me off lately, I am going to take the lead from The Bobby Bones Show's Pimpin' Joy Week and focus on the good things. (Plus, I can't get that song out of my head).

1. Handling work stress is something I constantly need to keep in check. This weekend was particularly frustrating (we had board meetings), but in the midst of my frustration, I was tagged in this photo on facebook.

IVEPers at their retreat in Canada
These our the Central States IVEPers. Since I am filling in until the new IVEP coordinator is in place, the tagged me in this photo of them from their IVEP retreat in Canada last week. I barely know them, but I think they are incredible. Being able to work with such cool individuals like Deepa, Rachel, Heri and Reksmey brings me a lot of joy.

2. Last night, Kansas knocked it out of the park with this gorgeous sunset (that I did not edit in photoshop). I am not enjoying this cold. Still, Kansas finds ways to surprise me even in the midst of winter.

3. I got a rejection email today in my inbox from a inquiry I sent to a literary agent. Now, that sounds like a bad thing and sure it's not great. But this was a personal rejection letter. First of all, it's really amazing to hear anything back and secondly to hear something back that isn't a clear auto response is awesome. I did not feel discouraged at all after reading this because that means someone actually read my work. I believe that alone is a victory.

That's what I have for now. After all, it is only Tuesday.