San Antonio

This past weekend I was in San Antonio for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Pre-Conference workshop. Woo Buddy. I was super nervous to go to this intense 2 day training in a city where I've never been before. (Sometimes my brain forgets that I moved myself to Chicago one summer and spent the entire time roaming around by myself)

Turns out, I had nothing to be nervous about. Everything went smoothly and I actually liked everyone sitting at my table during the workshop. (There was someone from Australia and people who worked in Rome, Hong Kong, Washington DC, and Arkansas. Yeah, the Arkansan and myself kept it real).

Minus all the professional development, I learned two important things:

1. I love cities (Well, this I knew already), but I also (sometimes) love being alone in cities, getting to explore and take photos. (Though it is more fun to eat with someone instead of sitting solo in a busy restaurant).

2. Never eat in downtown San Antonio. Seriously. Do not be tempted. It is beautiful down there but it is so touristy to the point where all of the food is really below average. It took me a little while to realize this, which was frustrating since the thing I was most excited for was the food experience. There is so much history in that city, but it was frustrating to me that they choice to fill it with hollow things like the Rainforest Cafe and other cultural-less things like that. I really wanted some downtown local flavor. But that was really hard to find.

1. Downtown 2 &3 A hall of statues in the Convention Center
1. my "help! I am stuck in a conference full of extroverts" face 2. The floor at Schilo's Deli. 3. Their home brewed root beer
I eventually did more homework of good eats in the city and found that most of them were way too far for me to walk. (And I wasn't too excited to wait for the bus). I found a list of San Antonio's "Best of 2012" and went from there. 

During the conference, we were given an hour for lunch and the only thing decent I found within walking distance was Schilo's Delicatessen (A German Deli that's been there forever). So the building was cool, but the food was pretty average. However, I still ate their both days, mostly so I could go back and try their home brewed root beer. That alone was worth it. It actually made the "Best of" list, but, in my opinion, probably only because of the historic building and root beer. 

On Saturday, after the sessions were over, I decided it was time to get out of the horrible food scene downtown and check out another "close" place from that "Best of" list. I found a Tex-Mex place not too far from the convention center called Rosario's. Turns out, I would've walked even further to get to this place if I would've needed to do that. (I walked to South Town and I knew I was heading in a good direction when I saw hipsters wondering around).

It was probably the best Mexican food I've ever had. The salsa was a slow roasted pepper and corn salsa. Perfect. For the main dish, I had the Chalupa's Compuestas. Oh my word. So fresh and delicious, not bogged down by sauce and cheese. It was the perfect meal to end my trip.