Sister-City 2014: Raleigh

Sorry Blog. Life has been a whirlwind of traveling and I have been gone, gone, gone. So to speak.

Two weekends ago, I went back to Raleigh, NC to play with my nephew, hug my mom and celebrate my sister's 30th birthday. And thus began the 2nd annual "Sister City Weekend." (Last year, Leah, Kai and I went to Kansas City). This year, Mom came down from Asheville and we "pre-gamed" three of our meals that weekend, meaning we ate a pre-meal before we actually had our meal. It was amazing. Raleigh is a beautiful, delicious city.

Oh and being with my sister is always the best. 

Getting ready to go
Yellow Dog, a Bakery close to Leah's house, that we couldn't stay away from.
An urban garden near Yellow Dog

Photo 3: Leah was surprised by a giant bouquet (well, more like bush) on the morning of her birthday
Birthday evening at the North Carolina Symphony
Lunch at PieBird

1. Mama and me. 2. Pimento cheese hand pie for lunch. 3. Saturday evening, Leah's friends took us out for a TON of cake. We got the "sample platter." so good.
For Saturday nigh for dinner (post-game) Leah and I went to this fancy, downtown Restaurant called Buku. It was really good. We enjoy a ton of tapas. (Ask Leah about the crab stuffed avocado. My favorite was the German Pretzels with the honey mustard truffle dipping sauce). 
Sunday morning Brunch at NOFO before heading back to Kansas. That is freshly squeezed orange juice, my friends.
NOFO is in an old Piggly Wiggly building. Very cool.