4-day weekend

 I took a 4 day weekend this weekend. And let me tell you, it was maybe not long enough. 

Don't get me wrong, it was very lovely. The weather was decent and I had plenty of down time, but with how much I've been working lately, I think I could use a couple of these 4-day weekends.

This weekend was full of eating yummy food with Levent, taking photos for Prairie Harvest Market and Deli's website, drinking coffee with friends, and being out in the dirt in my garden. The highlight was definitely my sunny picnic in the park with Levent. Spring in Kansas is so lovely, and usually too short so any of these sunny mid-70s days are to be enjoyed to the max.
Photos for Prairie Harvest… They will be on the blog soon. 
1. Lenten Lentil (tacos) with Levent, 2. Ice tea season has arrived! 3. Prairie Harvest lunch/Picnic in the park

I am lucky enough to have a very generous supervisor at work. He also farms (for fun, as he says) and gave me a ton of llama manure for my garden. I am in the process of spreading it out. (I tried on Saturday but it was so dang windy I could barely stand up straight). 

1. Antiquing with Jill and Janell. 2. Potato waffles for supper. 3. Easter Lupper
The food highlights of this weekend were definitely the potato waffles we made for supper (and chomped while watching Community). There are a Joy The Baker recipe, so of course they are amazing.

 Another highlight was our impromptu Easter Lupper (aka super late lunch). After church, we went to Dillion's to get all the stuff. Who knew that Dillon's would be crazy busy? It was a pretty easy meal of ham and "party potatoes" and green beans, but it brought back a lot of warm, delicious memories as it is a meal my mom often makes. Yum.

So yes, it was a good Easter weekend, but I could really use another one right about now.