A different weekend

This weekend has not been what I expected it to be. I was hoping for sunshine and the bliss that comes with that perfect spring weather.


Kansas is tricky.

Today was the day of the Arboretum's "Prairie Stock" music festival. Last year it was awesome. This year, not so much. I didn't even stay. The delicious panini food truck was not there and they had to have the groups perform inside their building because it is INSANELY windy outside. boo.

This windy weather makes me grumpy. It is not pleasant to be outside; it is so hot that it feels like mid-June, not late April, I cannot wear skirts because the wind is checking in at 20mph+ and it is perfect tornado weather. yuck. (Also, I just ruined a pot because I forgot I was boiling water to make ice tea… oh my gosh)

Yesterday was the perfect day with all of my gardening endeavors… until the evening when I found out that I will be getting another housemate this all (and my extremely introverted self is having a really hard time dealing with this. Having my own space is super important to me, but so is trying to attack my college loans by super cheap living) and my boyfriend and I spent a good part of the evening arguing.

Not fun.

The housemate thing really does not need to be that big of deal. If it is, I will just find another place to live. But I found this out after I had just planted my flowers in the front bed (which is maybe why you should not plant things on rental property). The instability of life was pretty heart aching last night and manifested itself to me through my new black eyed Susans. I long for space. I long for some feeling of stability, which, as a millennial, often seems impossible to grasp. I long for creative freedom and for a couch that did not belong to someone's great-grandma (the generation that never couch-slouched) But I also love this little, semi-falling a part house. So I guess I will just need to find creative ways to deal for now and maybe explore creating a reading nook in my room and figuring out a painting space as well.

I heard a quote on an episode of Community the other day that said something along the lines that millennials are a part of a generation that believes being an adult starts when you are 30. I feel myself bumping up against with that belief all the time. For example, I am going to be buying a new couch next month (super pumped. I've been saving up for awhile) and I still refer to this plan as one of my "first adult purchases," which is maybe ridiculous. (I have other things like a queen size bed and a dresser, etc although those were all 2nd-hand things).  Being in your 20s is super tricky. It is like one constant test to prove to yourself (and maybe others) that you are old enough to do things like purchase new furniture, rotate your tires, and understand the ins and outs of your insurance policy. (That last one though is one I am not sure I will ever master).

But then I assume every phase of life is tricky. Kansas is tricky. Life is tricky. How I will make the most of it is evaluated daily.