Can't stop/won't stop

Where have I been? Traveling for work. Obviously.

Can't stop/won't stop.

Being away from home so much as started to weigh me down. It is almost as if last year I did not do enough donor relations traveling and this year I am doing too much.


I guess I am still trying to figure out the right work balance for me. But I do get to be home the next two weekends, and, for now, that feels delightful.

This past week I was back in Akron PA for the MCC National Thrift Shop Conference. It was a really good week and it seemed that the participants were learning a lot and having a great tim. I presented for the first time (along with a co-worker) in that context and it went really well, which is always a really empowering feeling, like, oh right, I do actually know what I am doing sometimes.

We went on some thrift shop tours and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather. Overall, a good time. I was just ready to come home. (The last photo is in O'Hare)

I really enjoy traveling with my coworker Diana, especially since we both place food on a very high level of importance. Since we had a 3 hour layover in Chicago, we went to the Macaroni Grill (and walked throughout almost the entire length of the airport) for a sit down dinner of awesome flatbread pizzas. (Mine was a mushroom and goat cheese. So good).

We arrived home on Thursday night, but unfortunately I did not have this weekend off. The Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale was this weekend.

Like I said, can't stop/won't stop. It is actually shocking to me that it is already the middle of April. Time flies when you are constantly going on work trips, let me tell you. Oh well. It won't always be like this. At least that is what I keep telling myself.