Moving Limbo

Well Friends, here we are again.

I am moving.

No, no, not away from Kansas, just to another part of town. Again. This will be my 5th spot in Hesston. The internet always talks about how millennials move around from job to job within a ridiculously short (and bad for your resume) time period. That's not really true for me but it does seem to manifest itself to my housing situations. (This feels ironic too since last fall I wrote this post celebrating being in one place for a year)

The thing is that I still don't really have details and so things continue to hang in some sort of weird limbo. Am I moving? Yes. When am I moving? I am not sure. Should I start packing?

ugh packing.

Who has time for that? Nobody. (My garden needs me)

In many ways, I am pretty excited to have my own space. I can also get a cat if I want, (which is so exciting my heart might explode with joy). I am, however, pretty sad to leave 417. I love that house. It has so much character. Mostly, I will miss the yard, how lush the grass is in the spring and the tall trees (even if they are in horrible shape).

I lucked out though. This new space is exactly what I was looking for. It is a tiny, baby house with a garage and a yard. I am excited to use my new table I bought last weekend and to hang up twinkle lights over the small patio space.

This whole experience is new for me, which maybe is ridiculous for an almost 27 year old. I have never signed a lease in my life until now. And instead of gradually getting house hold items (like a vaccuum cleaner and silverwear), I suddenly need to get on it like right now. Eek.

Moving is a little (okay a lot) expensive.

The good thing about all of this (well one of the good things) is that it has made me actually fill out my budget worksheet my Everence guy gave me awhile ago. For you avid readers of my blog, you know that I often like to have "bucket-lists" for the seasons or my current age of life (though I have not done anything recently). Actually filling out 12 monthly budget worksheets in a row feels like it should be my 27th year of life goal. (How exciting is that? Yep. it's basically a party)

So.... yeah. That's that. I really don't feel like I know very much of what is happening, which causes me to feel a little bit crazy. But I know things will happen and that it will be okay. And someday I will make this new place a great home for my cat. (ha)