Things are a little nuts

Things are a little nuts right now.

I am suddenly in the middle of moving, which is always nuts, especially when half of one's belongings are across town. It's nuts that Levent is also moving this week. It is nuts that my friend Jill is in the process of moving too. It's even more nuts that Levent and I are going to Colorado on Friday for a weekend with the MCC IVEPers. (It's also his birthday on Thursday). Yeah, things are a little nuts right now. I am so grateful that I did not have to work today, otherwise I might've had a major freak out session (which may or may not still happen. Who knows).

The weather here as been a little bit nuts as well (as in it has actually rained 3 days in a row. Amazing). With the combination of rain and of sun and of heat, my garden is growing like nuts. My tomato plants especially have shot up. (I love them so much. I wish I had a photo of them but I am not romping back over there in the mud).

Even though I needed to spend most of my memorial day packing and moving stuff over to the new place, I did make a point to spend the first few hours of my day in the garden, despite how muddy it was over there. (I actually got my butt out of bed at 8am, on a holiday!) My work supervisor gave me two bales of straw (which was way too much). So this morning, I weeded as best as I could (since the grass in my garden is nuts) and mulched like mad.

I am in that happy moment right now because everything in my garden looks great. I know there will still be a lot of battles, but for now I have the upper hand on most of them. (The bugs that were eating my eggplant and beans have stopped… for now). Sure, the potatoes I planted at the community garden never came up for some unknown reason, but at least the four I have in the backyard at 417 look awesome.
Hello beautiful!

Moreover, I feared my spinach over in the community garden would do nothing, but when I walked over there this morning, dang! It was big and beautiful with full green leaves. I happily harvested all of it, which will be used for my suppers this week since I will be packing up my pots and pans.
Even though I am currently living in a state of packed and unpacked, at least I am comforted by the fact that my garden is content and well tucked in for the summer.