Weekend Things

Hello Friends.

So far, this weekend is so much better than the last two have been. Life has done what it does best had has changed a little bit, which means transitions. Things have been in limbo and not just for me either, but for a few people whom I care about the most. The last two weekends were pretty rough.

But so far so good. Mainly, because things have been slightly out of the ordinary.

Yesterday evening, Levent and I went to see the comedian Mike Birbiglia in Wichita. Mike Birbiglia often is featured on This American Life on NRP. He also has a few things on Netflix that Levent and I both enjoy. So we decided to go for it. It was hilarious. (Also, happy pre-birthday, Levent!)

Today, Jill and I went to Wichita to go to some consignment stores as well as the Wichita Farmer's Market, which opened last weekend. Because it has been a really weird spring (cold, cold, than extremely hot, then cold again), there wasn't much there, as far as produce goes. However, I still managed to pick up some green onions (since mine are not doing too well) and some freshly made tortillas (which I froze until I am inspired for greatness).

We also checked 3 furniture consignment stores, since both of us are on the hunt for adult furnishings. The first one we checked out was Three Pea Consignment Gallery, which is where we "stuck gold" (since we both found something). I just forever made my sister jealous and bought this "Lucy" table. (Leah has been looking for one forever. Sorry, sister). I am pretty excited about it.

For lunch, I took Jill to "The Burrito Stand" (which is just what I call it because that's what my friend Janell calls it. It's actually Tacos la Hacienda). Oh man. It continues to be the best burrito I have ever had. Chomp Chomp.
Oh weekend things. I wish you would last a little bit longer.

But I guess that is what Sunday is for.