A minute

I think I just need a minute.


I'm fine really. I am just missing my sister and my friends. I live far away from most of them and in this moment I am feeling that distance. I don't do a very good job of staying in touch with people, (which is my own fault). I like being in Kansas right now but sometimes it feels so isolated. (It also doesn't help that it is so hot and so so windy right now. I just want to tell the weather to shut up). And actually, because of vacation schedules, every female friend that I love dearly is at least 10 hours away (or way more) from me this very minute.


I know. It's like I tell people on facebook (in my mind), stop crying on the internet and just go call your friend.

I will try. But for now, I will rely on the tactic I've used several times in this blog. If I only have whining things to say, then I will focus on some good things that have happened recently.

1. Good things = Good music. My current jam/feel good song is One Republic's song "Something I Need." Sorry/not sorry everyone who comes into my office, I cannot stop listening to it. (Equal love goes out to their latest single "Love Runs Out")

2. Speaking of walking into my office, today, if you came (which you did not because it was SO Dead!), you would've found the current World Cup match live streaming on my second computer screen. (That's right. I have two screens at work. It's a little ridiculous but I love it). Ever since living in South Africa in 2010, I have learned to love the World Cup. People who think soccer is boring need to watch it with my friends Christian Kisungu, Kyle Berg and Constance McKinney. Then you will change you mind (for the better).

I lucked out yesterday at the Wellness Center. One of their TV remotes was "broken" and it just so happened that channel that one was "stuck on" was the Russia vs Korea match. (Sorry old people, you cannot turn all of the TVs to Fox news today, my friends). It was amazing and I do not believe for a second that it was broken.

3. Oh my word. Let me tell you. The best thing happened today. I was walking in to work this morning, and I heard a kitten mewing in the bushes! There have been these stray kittens around the MCC building the past few days (although I just recently learned about their existence yesterday). Today, one was hiding out in the bush by the main door. After a lot of coaxing, I finally got it to come to me. I even held it a little bit. Best ever! (Then some stupid youth came and scared it away. But I hope it will come back). Someday, it will love me.
 4. For my birthday weekend, I decided that I wanted to make some homemade cookies and cream ice cream. (Good choice, Anna). It was the best ice cream Levent and I have ever made thus far. Annie's Eats knows her stuff. 

5. I am so excited to see my family in a few days. My sister sent me this picture this weekend of the birthday cake she and Kai made at the park. (And then Malakai blew out the candles). So cute. I cannot wait to squeeze his face.

6. Gardening! Gardening. Oh man. I love gardening but dang I know what is coming. Beans beans beans and more beans. I definitely should've planted any because I still have a huge stock pile of canned beans from last year. Oh well. Here they come. I picked my first handful last night, but cooked them then sauteed them in some olive oil and added salt, crushed pecans and crumbled goat cheese. Super good. (So yes, harvesting beans still counts as a good thing. I am excited to give some away too).
That's what I got today. Now I am excited to be home with Levent and sit on my new couch and watch more episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix.