Before the work trip

It's Sunday so I feel as if I should post something. 

I don't actually have a ton of things to say, but since I am leaving tomorrow for a work trip that will eventually turn into a family reunion I am determined to make the most of my Sunday by doing all the things I enjoy the most. Thus today has consisted of making brunch/lunch with Levent (oh my word. He makes the best crispy hash browns in this world) and drinking iced coffee while blogging. (It also consisted of packing and cleaning but those things are not on the fun side of life). And tonight, we are going to watch the World Cup match (US vs Portugal) with some friends and eat all the pizza. I can't wait.  

So this is the last normal post before the posts that will be filled with instagrams of various places. (Ah. I am tired just thinking about it. I really wish I could just stay home). Oh well. I don't have to think about that right now. (Well not too hard anyway. I need to keep thinking about what I packed because ever since living in Kansas, I tend to assume that every place I go is going to be extremely hot (to the point of not cooling off in the evenings), dry and windy. Then I go someplace, realize that's not always true, and end up not wearing a ton of what I brought along). 

I guess it is fine that I have this work trip coming up. After all, this past week in the office has been painfully slow. But it was the perfect week to discover the kittens that live outside the office. I have finally befriended this little guy, named him Henry, and created a little monster by bringing him into my office one afternoon. Now that he knows what it is like inside, he cries to get it in (or at least he did on Thursday). 

Things in the garden continue to grow well. I am a little worried to leave it alone for a week. I have green beans that are coming in like crazy. I am also concerned about my tomato plants. There is always one trip during the summer where I leave and the garden is great, but when I come back it is a whole other story. Some of tomato branches have started to turn yellow and wilt. A fellow community gardener told me it might be because I am over watering. So I have been pumping the breaks on that. (As well as making a point to check under my garden's mulch to see if the soil is still damp or not). We'll see what happens.
Yesterday, Levent and I went to Jasmine (my old housemate) and Mitchell's wedding. This was actually the 2nd morning wedding I've been to in a row. (New trend?) We also spent the day catching parts of the World Cup matches, grilling cheeseburgers and installing a 2nd window air continuing unit in the kitchen. (How adult does that sound?)
It's amazing how much I feel like this blog has shifted. I used to talk about environmental stewardship issues, gardening and recipes. Now, it is mostly just a weekly report of the average things that have happened. But oh well. Hopefully you don't mind too much. Sometimes, I really crave all of those average things.

So here's to you, week before the work trip week. It's been nice.