It it is June 7th and Kansas is being all kinds of lovely. Surprising? Yes quite.

This was especially true at Levent and I came back from Colorado last weekend. The drive from Colorado Springs to Hesston is very deflating, especially after the mountain instantly disappear as you head east.

But today hasn't been so bad. For one thing, it rained last night and cooled the world down significantly. I rode my bike, Gladys, "across town" twice today and breathed it all in.

This is my first weekend in my new place (since I was gone last weekend) and I am finally starting to feel okay being here. Don't get me wrong, I still feel very unsettled. There are boxes that remained pack simply because I have no idea where I should put any of my stuff. But with the sunshine and the ceiling fans whipping around the summer air, it's not too bad. (Although ask me again when the next series of "attack of the ants" hits my kitchen. I might feel completely different).

So what did I do during my first Saturday at 229 E Knott? Nothing too crazy. I did adult things and bought curtains and mowed the lawn. I also went and drop in on my garden to see how those babies were doing.

The weather has been rainy, humid and warm, perfect growing conditions. Since the ground has been moist a couple days this week, I haven't had to go over the community garden to check on things. So today, I took Gladys over there and was completely delighted by all.
 Blooming cantaloupe.
 The sunflowers are growing in height.
 Fruit on the vines
 Purple bean flowers
And the best thing of all? Lush tomato plants. In my 3 years of gardening, my tomatoes have never looked like this. I am so pleased that I tell them how much I love them every time I am over there just like a crazy old woman garden.

Thank you garden for making my Saturday wonderful.