Starting off the summer

So I moved on Thursday (more on that later). And then that Friday, Levent and I headed out to Colorado to go white water rafting with the MCC IVEP group that I have been working with in the Central States region. (It was great, but unfortunately, I have no pictures).

Since we were in the beautiful state of Colorado, Levent and I also decided to do some exploring on our own, which translated into eating a cool places and going to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Pizza at Pizzeria Rustic in CO Springs 
The view from our hosts' back porch

Picnic among the rocks 
This little guy watched our food very closely

Burgers from Crave. Oh my word. They were SO good! Also, the truffle fries were the best french fries I have ever had in my entire life. oh man oh man oh man. Oh… and even though I didn't photographic it, we did go to Josh & John's to get ice cream. Let me tell you. That places makes the best ice cream in the world. Go there. Eat it. Then let's talk.

Breakfast at Over Easy in downtown Colorado Springs.  The middle photo is my Tuscan Eggs Benedict. No, that is not chocolate sauce. It's balsamic vinegar. Also those hash browns were amazing!
The only downfall of the trip was that I had a terrible head cold the entire trip. But overall, I am so glad we started off summer in this way. Let me tell you. I was so freaked out to go white water rafting (and maybe rightly so because the river levels were so high that 2 or 3 rated rapids (out of 5) were more like 3 or 4. It was nuts. But I did it! And it was fun! Another fear to check off the list.

Let's always start summer like this… well minus the head cold.