Summer Sunday

This weekend has been ideal. The weather has been cool and lovely and my activities have consisted mostly of reading and drinking iced coffee.

The reading and coffee drinking isn't really that abnormal (since I do that in the winter too but with hot coffee), but when the weather is nice these simply actives suddenly feel like a celebration. The good part of summer is here (and my birthday is next weekend!)

All this sunshine and iced coffee has got me thinking about my summer bucket list, which I started a few summers back after hearing Joy the Baker talk about it on her podcast. Typically, all of my goals for the summer have to do with food. But I don't really see the problem in that.

So here it goes. (Drumroll please) My 2014 Summer Bucket List. 

1. Growing the healthiest batch of tomatoes that have ever come forth from my garden.

2. Try a new eggplant recipe. (I have two plants growing in my garden. This is because I thought the first one I planted was going to be devoured by the bugs. Ironically, both plants are now flourishing. I should've known).

3. Find another delicious popsicle recipe. (Yesterday, I made another batch of the yummy Vietnamese Coffee pops. So good. But I want to try even more combinations and find another keeper).

4. Make homemade ice cream with Levent

5. Make lemonade from scratch

6. Experiment with mojito recipes. (I have some mint growing now. I hope it takes off soon).

7. Go to the McPherson water park with Levent more than once.

8. Hang up twinkle lights in my "patio area" between the house and the garage. And actually sit out there one evening.

9. Go to Costa Rica and not freak out. (I am going there in July. My friend, Laura, who lives there is ironically not going to be there. I am meeting my Bolivian friends there and I am so nervous about all the logistics).

10. Figure out how to make my new home a comfortable place to be. (I actually bought a new couch on Friday but the hardest task will be trying to figure out what to do with all of my things that I want to store when I have zero storage).

11. Watch a lot of World Cup games

Hmm. I think that sounds like a pretty good (and delicious list). I might have to add a few more as the summer progresses. But even if I only get around to a few of those, it will still be a pretty great summer.