Kans Fam Time

Back in Kansas. That feels good to say actually. 

I know, look at me loving the Prairie right now. 

Actually, this past week, it was pretty easy to say those words. After my work trip in Colorado and my family reunion in Iowa, I traveled back home with my parents, sister and nephew, (after making a long pitstop to avoid a serve thunderstorm by Des Moines). It was a long day in the car, especially with a tried baby who shot off like a rocket any time we stopped and his feet hit the ground. Nevertheless, I was happy to get home. 

All week, I kept telling my parents that they were good luck for Kansas. Last year when they visited me (after helping the Baker's pack up), the weather cooled off significantly. This year, the same thing happened. The weather this week was lovely. Highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. Nice breezes. It was so ideal. We barely had the AC on, which is my perfect summer weather. 

Although we didn't do a whole lot of fun activities, it was great to have the fam here. For one thing, I got to spend a lot of time with my sister, which is always my favorite. We even got a few of her Kansas friends together and went out for Brunch.  (Below is my breakfast grilled cheese at Modd's in Mound Ridge).  
 Let me tell you, my parents are rockstars. They are little worker bees. After moving into my new place at 229, I had a long list of projects I wanted my Dad to help me with (after I got my landlord's permission, of course). The main thing was redesigning my closet, which Dad is a champion at doing. In only a few hours he made my closet so much more functional.

Malakai liked to "help Pa" and often wanted to go outside when Dad was out there. He would stand at the door and shout "Pa!… Pa!… No!.. Pa!" It was hilarious. 
Kai checking out the finished product
Despite all the projects, we did have a little fun. Leah, Mom and I drank a lot of coffee. Dad went swimming at the Wellness Center. And all of us (including Levent) shared meals and evening walks together. One night, we headed to the Arboretum to feed the turtles and enjoy the cooler weather. 

What my parents didn't need to help me with this year  (minus picking a few green beans) was my garden. Thanks to my pro-active approach to it this spring (and all the straw I got from my boss at work), the garden is pretty much weed free. The cool temps and the occasional rain fall too kept it pretty happy all week. Every time I go over there, I feel so proud of it and was so happy to show it off to my parents. 
Mostly, I am grateful to my family for helping me make this little house feel more like a comfortable place to be. I guess it takes me awhile to settle into a place. But because of my Dad's carpentry skills and my mom and sister's organization and decorating ideas, my house is now free of packing boxes and things on the floor. It's awesome.

And, of course, we celebrated their last evening here with the 4th feast (you know, the 4th of July). Levent and I made these awesome Pimento Cheeseburgers (from Annie's Eats of course), veggies and hummus, sautéd zucchini and sweet Carolina tea. The best part though was sitting outside under the newly hung twinkle lights. My outside patio space still needs a lot of love, but it's off to a great start.

We ended the evening with a strawberry shortcake finale and watching the town's fireworks show. (Malakai loved it and kept saying "pop pop").

It might've been a long week of projects, but I am so grateful that the fam was here. I miss them already.