Tomato gore and glory

We are still in the midst of the polar vortex, summer style. Definitely not complaining about it. Yesterday I went to a coffee shop and really wanted a pumpkin spice latte. Who can blame me? Those things are delicious. Also it felt like fall outside.

This morning, I made my own iced coffee and it felt so wrong. I am also wearing a shirt and a blazer and was a little cold this morning. Yep. Blazin' it up in July.
What is happening?

I think Jimmy Fallon's tweet said it best that currently our seasons are on shuffle.

Not to worry though, this weekend it will get back up there once again. I am not too excited about the 90s but my garden needs a little summer heat.

Speaking of my garden, despite all my tomato challenges I've had this year (think extreme fungus issues), I still am meeting my Summer Bucket List goal to grow the healthiest tomatoes I have ever grown. (If the fungus infested tomato plants still qualify as this then you know where I've been coming from the past few summers). There is still a lot of glory in all that tomato gore.

The reason I said this is because Levent and I still managed to can some tomatoes last night and I did not even supplement them with tomatoes from the farmer's market. Crazy.

What's even more nuts is that I still have tomatoes out there and a few new blossoms, which I am hoping were saved by the fungus treatment I gave the plants. Keep them coming, babies! (Although don't go too nuts when I am in Costa Rica next week).

All in all, we only canned 8 pints but that is a nice little start. (Plus, there was no tomato explosions, which is always a win).

Check out that biodiversity! Red and yellow tomatoes!
I still have some tomatoes that we did not can sitting on my window right now too. I love garden season and all the of the "challenges" of trying to figure out how to cook with a certain produce every single day because you're drowning in it. (Well, not drowing, but for one person I do have more than I can munch right now).  This week, Levent and I made Grilled Chicken Greek Salads from Simply in Season. Levent only ranked it a 2/5 on our food ranking scale but I liked it a lot (although maybe more for a lunch than supper since I was hungry about an hour later)
I will say that it was  nice to can tomatoes when it wasn't a million degrees outside. Last night we canned with just the doors open. That was it. So nuts.