Travel anxiety

It's been 2 weeks since my last work trip. This time I head to the Denver and Colorado Springs area. Out of all the places in the region that I cover for work, this area is my favorite (for obvious reasons). And the nice thing about work trips is that it gives me a chance to explore a new place and perhaps even be in an urban setting for a little bit (though that doesn't happen very often).

Okay, yeah the trip was good from a work standpoint. However, from a personal standpoint, it was not the best. Rural life has become very much of who I am in this phase of my life, meaning, driving in Denver rush hour traffic makes me beyond nervous. It was that plus my heighten travel anxiety from generally being in a new place and meeting a ton of new people that made the 4 days I was in Colorado awful.

I really need to work on getting my travel anxiety (and maybe just my struggle with anxiety in general) in check. I do not want my fear of whatever to get in the way of enjoying life (which it usually does). I also really don't want it to keep me from going places and experiencing new things and new people.

I don't have any type of deep conclusion from this trip other than I need to figure out ways to be healthier.

In the meanwhile, I am just happy to be home.

With the Denver IVEPers, Deepa and Reksmey
Staying at Smey's intentional community, Urban Servant Corp
1. A lovely breakfast outside. 2. Crave Truffle Fries again in CO Springs. 4. Hipster coffee shop, Crema, in Denver where I worked one afternoon
1 & 3 downtown Denver. 2. The pub I was lucky enough to find just in time to join a watch party for the last part of the U.S. vs Germany World Cup match