Costa Rica: Journal Entry 6

Friday July 25: The Public Beach

The sky is all grey and will remain like that all day. Today, we are at the public beach, which is free but thus not as beautiful as the beach at the national park. We are stretched out on the sand as vendors walk all around us, up and down the beach, selling beach chair rentals, wooden objects and whole coconuts with straws stuck in the middle of them.

No gracias

The waves at this beach are glorious, but too glorious for my two-piece and since my traveling companions won't play in the water with me, I resign myself to the sand with my book. This water is not see-though. It is sandy, rocky and wild. Since the sun chooses to stay hidden, it does not feel too hot.

That is, until we go up to a Cafe Marlin across the street for lunch. The restaurant is open on three sides but there is no breeze to let in anyway. My Te Frio arrives and I tried to sip it slowly, resisting the urge to gulp down the cool nectar all at once. It is the best ice tea I have ever had in my life. It is dripping with lime juice and simple syrup (and hardly any tea). I sip and savor as we spend lunch glued to our phones which are now equipped with wifi.
The rest of the afternoon is uneventful. We stay buried in the sand and in our books. We watch boats and those parasailing. The "learn how to surf" tent is blaring music, one of which I recognize from my zumba class. We stay until the sprinkles get to be too consistent.

We head "home" on a long smelly bus ride. I stare out the window. When we get back, we swim in the hotel pool until is starts to pour.
Tomorrow we head back to San Jose and then Sunday I will head home to Kansas.