Here we are again

Sunday. Here we are again.

I am not writing this from my tree fort, though I wish I was.

Yes. I have a tree fort, or at least there is a tree fort at the rental where I live. I completely forgot about it. The reason being, I ignored it earlier this summer since it is nestled in a fruit-producing mulberry tree. (Yeah, someone didn't think that through).

So last Sunday afternoon, I climbed up the ladder and settled in with my book. And just like that my new favorite spot was created.

I often long for my parent's front porch in Asheville. I love sitting on their on cool evenings and journaling. Other times, I really miss my sister and her "small couch" I used to claim every Sunday afternoon for naps, reading and somewhat watching football.

But now I have one this house. Kansas continues to sink her teeth into me.
It's been a pretty chill weekend, though chill in the sense that I spent most of it baking. When I was the baker at Mojo's, all of my baking energy was zapped up. It took me several years to bounce back but here I am, spending all my free time in my kitchen. The art of food is my passion. Am I obsessive? No. Someone at the church we went to in South Africa asked me if I was addicted to food. I have never really been able to shake that comment, mostly because of how belittled I felt by that statement. No, I am not obsessive or addicted. I just find so much joy in the creation, presentation and of course the taste and flavors. Why must I be questioned about this? Joy is joy.

Anyway, this is not what this post is about. I have so many good foodthings to share with you this week.
On Thursday, my coworkers and I had a staff lunch party. Everyone brought some type of salad to share, (which makes us sound like old women at church, but it was actually really good). I brought a pasta salad but not a traditional one. When I was working at Mojo's, my boss busted out a Greek orzo salad recipe for catered events. I'm not always a big pasta salad girl, but this orzo salad changed my mind. I didn't have the recipe from Mojo's, but found one similar to it on Joy the Baker's website. So next time you have to go to a potluck, that is what you are bringing.

This. This for supper. And for lunch leftovers. And for supper again. I love this mac and cheese recipe from Annie's eat. Next time, I am going to use the sharpest cheddar I can find.

I finally did it. I made pretzel buns! My co-worker, Diana, brought in her Food Network magazine to work for all of us to look at and I found this lovely recipe for these buns. They turned out beautifully! I was so proud of our cheeseburger supper last night. (Plus these great oven fries by Annie's Eats). To top it off we had some Mexican Coca-Cola. Yeah friends, I am okay that summer is still hanging out.
Speaking of summer still, look what I got from my garden! Yes. It won't stop. I should really stop talking about it because I know it's going to keep producing unless I pull everything out or the temperature drops below zero. I managed to pick a few more cherry tomatoes as well as a cantaloupe (which may or may not be very good), peppers, and green beans. I'm not actually taking care of my garden at all anymore. This is the ideal situation. I do nothing. It rains once a week. I still get produce. Living the good life.
 For the past several months, I have not been able to get out of bed in time to eat breakfast before work. In order to solve this problem, I just started baking a ton of different things I can take with me and eat at my desk. For the upcoming week, I decided to make Joy the Baker's pumpkin pecan scones with brown butter glaze. Levent gives me such a hard time because I don't often taste things right after I bake them. I save them for later. So I haven't actually tried these yet but they smell amazing and the glaze is killer. I have no doubt in my mind that they won't be delicious tomorrow morning.

Okay. Time for some coffee.