California work trip

I promise you that I went to California for work, not just the beach. Though these photos don't reflect it, we actually spent most of the time in meetings.

We did take one evening to drive across LA to go to Newport Beach. Unfortunately, we got there right after sunset but it was still lovely. And hey, I haven't touched the Pacific ocean (from the U.S. coast that is) since I was like 4 years old or something. It was a beautiful reunion.

We are in the middle of the "polar plunge" right now in Kansas (as is most of the country), so let me just take a moment with these photos okay?

People who live close to the ocean are lucky indeed.

Yes. But I am really glad I don't live in the LA area. This prairie girl cannot handle the insane traffic all of the time. And I mean all of the time. wow. (Yeah, I know. Kansas has gotten me. We live our lives here in the express lane and I say that because we can go for miles, very fast, and barely have to pass anyone).

California is an interesting place.