Max Patch

At the end of October, I headed back home to North Carolina to spend time with my parents, sister and nephew. And, let me tell you, October may be my favorite month in North Carolina. I was lucky enough to be there at the peek of the fall colors. 

On Saturday afternoon, Dad, Leah and I went to Pisgah National Forest to hike up Max Patch Mountain. (Mom stayed home with Kai). It was one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever experienced. The day was full of breath taking views (that my camera lens couldn't quite capture), Dad taking crazy photos by trees, cheese sticks and apples, and lots of deep breaths and laughter as we tried to climb the steepest hill of my life. Oh and a lot of repeating "Max Patch" over and over again because we liked the way it sounded. 
There will also be a North Carolina space in my heart no matter where life takes me.