Meet Scout

Hello world. I finally got a cat.

Yesterday, Levent and I went to the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita to find a pet for the cat shaped hole in my heart. (ha).

I had never been to the Humane Society in Wichita and, oh my gosh, it took forever. Mostly because they were busy and we had to wait in line to request to visit with only 2 pets. I definitely felt the pressure to pick the right cat right away, just based on pictures from their website (since most of what they had in the feline lofts on the main floor were kittens).

Thankfully, I picked correctly the first time. "Smokey," now known was Scout (from To Kill a Mocking Bird) is a quite little cat "tween" who is not always very photogenic but is very willing to cuddle and be petted. When we brought her to my house last night, she spent about 2 hours just walking around the house purring. She's a bit younger than I had originally wanted (she woke me up early this morning by jumping on me and demanding to be petted) but I think we will bond quite nicely.

She also loves Levent, which is quite nice also. :-)