Turkey Chili

A couple of weeks ago, when I was in California for work, we ate at this restaurant for dinner. Since I wasn't extremely hungry, trying to eat healthier and feeling rather chilled, I opted to the bowl of Turkey Chili. It was delicious.

I came home from that work trip determined to find a turkey chili recipe that I could love. Little did I know that I would find it on the first time around. (We did not even let it simmer for as long as the recipe said, mostly because we were hungry and it was already past 7pm), but it was still awesome).

I get overly excited about trying new recipes and most of the time I feel fairly disappoint by the end result. Not this time around. I think I smiled all evening. I was so happy by the way it turned out.

Turkey Chili

1 T Olive Oil
1 c chopped sweet onion
1 T minced garlic
1/4 c chopped bell peppers
1 lb ground Turkey
1 (28oz) can crushed tomatoes, undrained
1 (16oz) can red kidney beans
1 T chili powder
1 T sugar
2 c low-sodium chicken broth
1 t hot sauce
1 1/2 t sea salt
1 t dried basil
1/2 t oregano

In large skillet, saute onions, garlic and peppers in olive oil over medium heat until onions are translucent. Add ground turkey and cook until browned.

Add remaining ingredients and stir well to combine. Reduce to low and simmer  for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

*(We decided to add cumin, since we like that spice a lot. Add any where from 1 teaspoon- 1 Tablespoon with the rest of the spices

Source: Food Network website

It's perfect for a cozy evening at home.