Twas the week before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house
only one creature was stirring, and her name was Scout.
The ball of yarn was unraveled on the floor with care
in the hopes that this game would stop my kitten from being an nightmare.
On Tuesday eve, we drove to Wichita
since we were gifted with free tickets to WSU basketball.
But first to Freddy's (a Wichita chain) for some burger and fries,
before watching the Shocker's win, even if they barely survived
This week, we woke to the new-fallen snow
the grey sky surrounded us poor Kansans in our offices below.
And still it lingered as we drove to the Miller Christmas dinner, eaten under twinkle-lights.
I am awkward around extend family, but the food is always a highlight.

Now we prepare for travel to the Midwest,
thus today I made peanut butter pretzel truffles to add to the Christmas fest.
And now, if I could snuggle up with my cat it'd be quite a sight
So Merry week before Christmas! Y'all have a good Sunday night!