Before we dump 2014 in the recycle bin

Geesh. It's 2015, People! Can you even imagine that?

Yeah, probably. But it still felt pretty odd to write 2015 on my utilities check yesterday. 

Whatever. Time marches on.

Before it gets completely away from me, I thought these beginning days of 2015 were a good time to reflect. Or at least it's a good excuse to look back at my blog and remember what 2014 brought forth since sometimes I cannot remember anything, especially on a melodically grey day like today. Today is a good day to reflect on the good parts of 2014, because, let's be real, people really don't put up the crappy things on the internet. That's why "Facebook Syndrome" is a thing).

A lot of good things did happen this past year, and although I already dumped my 2014 calendar in the recycle bin with the greatest satisfaction, I thought I would list out a few good summery points (in no particular order).

1. Going to Costa Rica with Jilly and Lucas

2. Getting my cat, Scout, even if she is kind of a beast. Or as Levent puts it, "sometimes the devil gets inside of her." (ha).
3. Hiking with my Dad and Sister at Max Patch in North Carolina during my fall visit there.

4. The parts of the year when my garden did not cause me grief. (I am still enjoying my canned tomatoes and I am grateful every time I open another one). I feel like I learned a lot about gardening this past season.

5. Going whitewater rafting with the MCC IVEPers (International Volunteer Exchange Program) in CO and then exploring Colorado Springs with Levent.

6. Moving into my new rental house.

7. Going to see Mike Birbiglia with Levent, Lady Antebellum with Amanda and Janell, and Ingrid Michaelson with Connie.

8. Going with Levent to watch the WSU Shocker basketball team play in real life.

9. Any time the weather in Kansas was ideal.

10. Celebrating my sister's 30th birthday with her (and my mom) in Raleigh in the Springtime.

11. Successfully making bagels, paneer, and preztel buns.

12. Starting up "Girls Night" with my fellow co-workers.

13. The days in the spring and summer when Malakai and Leah would skype me at work just to say hello.

14. Regaining my love of baking. (I am itching for time this weekend to make paneer and muffins).

15. Watching the 4th of July fireworks with my parents, sister, nephew and Levent. 

16. Finding out my sister-in-law and brother are having twins! Holy cow. 

17. Every time Levent made me laugh.

Those are the highlights.

See you never 2014! Thanks for the memories.