Oh hey 2015

Oh hey.

Here you are. I barely noticed you come in. Midnight struck on January and the only thing I could think of was, "yes, finally. Now I can go to bed." (I know, I am going to kill it when I am 70 years old. But I am actually 27 years old).

For this past New Year's Eve, my boyfriend and I spent New Years eve exchanging gifts, eating leftover Christmas cheese dip and watching an average movie. What I want to know is who are those people who wear sparkling things and go to sparkling parties and drink sparkling things? I don't think these people live in Kansas. I also wonder why I wonder about this. I am such an introvert that I would hate being at sparkling parties, especially if I didn't know very many people there. Really, I am content to stay home with Levent and dip things in cheese.  Keeping it classy as we do.

I think every year I will be surprised that it is "so-and-so year" every January. (Yes, Anna, the 90s were actually quite a few years ago. I don't know why you forget this so easily).  Despite the surprise have having to add a 15 to the end of the year now, I am pleased for a new year.

For one thing, this past Christmas we ate and ate and ate. My stomach is not very pleased with me. Now that holiday things are done and most of the leftovers are gone, it's time to dive into healthy eating.

I have never made a New Years resolution but this year might be the closest I come. My 2015 resolution mostly comes down to wanting to try kale.

I gained some weight before Thanksgiving. So after a complete melt down, I decided to hit the gym hard for a couple of weeks and cut out as much sugar as I could without loosing my mind. (I didn't eat chocolate for around 3 weeks!) I tired my best to eat in moderation during the long holiday season that starts on Thanksgiving day and essentially goes until yesterday. But you know how it goes.

Regardless, I know this sounds like the biggest new year cliche, but I really do what to try and eat healthier in January, at the very least. I will hit the gym hard again, but I also need to get my eating habits in check. This will mean that I need to actually eat more vegetables.

I don't consider myself to be a very picky eater, but the little kid in me still thinks a lot of vegetables are beyond strange. (I don't know how people in the blog world can eat the giant Brussels sprouts they just roasted. They look freaking nasty).

Enter kale.

My boyfriend's mom gave me a spatula for Christmas that says #foodie on it. I guess that means now I have to at least try kale before the food fad completely fads away. It pretty much dictates that.

We'll see how it goes. I need to start stalking recipes online.

In the meanwhile, here are some more 2015 goals, that may or may not be specific to this winter season.

1. I got the new Joy the Baker Cookbook for Christmas and have spent almost every night since pouring over the pages and reading all of Joy's commentary on the recipes. (I know. I am such a fan-girl). The trick with eating healthy is that cookies are not healthy. Wanting to order a bundt pan on amazon will not encourage more kale eating. I don't want to be consumed healthy eating that I miss out on the sweet things of life, especially now that I got my baking bug back. I just want to find the balance of sweet treats vs green things. That doesn't seem too unreasonable.

2. Speaking of green things. Eat them. (I'm talking to you, kale). For New Years Eve (to go along with our cheese dip), Levent and I made a citrus salad. (It confirmed that, nope, I do not like citrus in my salads. We ate it though. It was fine). The internet is full of weird sounding salads. I would like to hunker down and try a couple.I need my brave salad recipe face on for this for sure.

3. Keep on running and keep on swimming. I bought some goggles so I can really start re-learning out how to do different swim strokes. I am so tired of running. It is the worst form of exercise and maybe everything else too. Adding swimming into the mix has been a welcome break from the treadmill. (The only bad thing is that I cannot watch Chopped on the Food Network while swimming).

4. Stop spending money on clothes I don't need and actually get more professional clothes that A. are professional and B. fit properly. (Then proceed to keep them out of the drier for all times so they do NOT shrink).

5. If I do not make everything on my pinterest board that I added in 2014 or beforehand, then I will delete it. I don't like clutter, even the cyber, cloud kind.

6. Make more of an effort to go out and do things with Levent. On New Years Eve, when we were feeling pretty lame, we discuss how we are pretty good at relaxing together (okay we are the masters of it), but we aren't very good at "playing together." The trick is that we both do not like games very much. I especially do not really enjoy board games and card games. Maybe once in a blue moon but that's about it. However, I like playing interactive games in a non-sports way. By that, I mean tossing around the frisbee, pretending to know how to play basketball, etc. Unfortunately, it's winter. So I guess that leaves us with bowling for now. Thus my winter goal is to go bowling with Levent. 

(I could mention other on-going goals, such as writing and learning more about photography and self marketing, but those are always there. Those mentioned above seem more interesting to focus on since they are new-ish).

Anyway, I should start looking at kale recipes and figure out how to ease into 2015.