Winter Rest

My mother asked me yesterday (via the phone) if I was going to blog this week.

"Oh, probably."

Since I had just gotten home from a work trip last weekend, I did not feel thus inspired. But let me tell you, today isn't looking too much better either. Yet, here I am, fingers on keys, trying to see if anything can be forced out from them. It is January after all. And this is what happens in January

I love when Kansas gives us a little taste of spring. That was yesterday. It was sunny and 60.  So, of course, I whipped out the Seed Savers catalog and started thinking about gardening. Thankfully, I did manage to remember it was January and there is a lot more hibernating on the couch that is still left to be done.

Ever since I've started really getting into gardening, I've appreciated winter so much more. I actually found myself thinking, "not yet!" to the warm day outside. (Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the loveliness of yesterday). I still need more winter rest.

However, nothing kills my creative energy like winter. I am not inspired to take photos and the only thing I can think to blog about is how I can't think of what to blog about.

I know, keeping it fresh.

Plus, my brownies I made yesterday did not turn out. What is a girl to write about?

Now keeping in mind my "mind, body, spirit" self-care for 2015, I did decide as of yesterday, that I should try to take at least a few pictures each month and not just of cool places I go (aka North Carolina) but of Kansas and of home. The every day is hard to shoot since I don't really feel too inspired but the regular of the day-to-day. But maybe that will help me grow creatively. It's worth a shot anyway. I just need to figure out how to not make all these photos I plan to take  be pictures of my cat.
I also busted out my paints last weekend, which, for me, is the biggest part of getting over my creative slump. (For some reason, forcing myself to get set up feels like so much work. Oh the struggle).
So, it's not all sleepy couch sitting this month. (Although there is a lot of that. I mean, Gilmore Girls isn't going to watch itself).

Plus, I did manage to do one of my 2015 goals this week! I tried kale for the very first time.

Eh, it was fine.

Actually, I had baby kale, which is tender and just tastes like greens. It was nice. (I had this tuna kale and egg salad from Joy the Baker. Of course it was good).
Sure the brownies didn't turn out, but I also made blueberry muffins. Life with a muffin pan sure is great. (Thanks mom!)
Plus I blogged today. Go figure.

That's probably enough creative space for today. No I will go back to my winter rest.