Feb things

I always get sick in February. 

And by always, I mean it had happened for the past three years. (Well, in that gray Jan-Feb timeframe at least). Oh well, at least this year's winter sickness has not been bad at all, (not compared to the past two years). All that is really wrong with me is that my throat is beyond sore and I have zero energy. I stayed home from work today since I don't want to spread my germs around, which is all fair and good but I am going out of my mind with boredom. There was one point today where I was just lying on the couch having a staring contests with my cat. That lasted about 45 minutes. Not even joking. On paper, sleeping in without guilt and spending a whole afternoon watching Gilmore Girls sounds fabulous, but in reality it makes me feel as if my brain is dying. (Since I was on a work trip last week, I haven't been exercising for days now and I am getting so antsy). At least I didn't really have to go outside in the cold today. 

Ah, winter woes! 

But actually, this month had been pretty good, despite (and sometimes because of) all the couch time I log. 
with these two of course
Definitely the highlight of the month, and perhaps the entire year, was Valentine's Day. I know I am being the worst by saying that. As a single person, Valentine's Day is awful. No matter what you try and do, you cannot escape it. Now that I have Levent, I have apparently embraced the madness and can't wait to bake heart shaped treats, (which sadly, I did not do this year because of my travel schedule). 

What made this Valentine's Day the best in history was going to Lawrence with Levent to watch the KU basketball game. If I wasn't officially a fan before, I definitely am now. It was an awesome day. (It even included a fabulous Greek meal). 
(Letting strangers take pictures of us did not go too well.)

On a different wintery note, I am now the proud aunt (again) of two twin boys! My sister-in-law and brother had their babies back in January. The boys were super early but as of yesterday are  now home with their parents and big brother and sister. I cannot wait to meet these little champions. 
And I guess all there is left to do today is go back to sitting on the couch, hoping tomorrow will be a more healthful day. (Oh and I'll probably drink a hot toddy too, which is probably the best part of being sick).