My everyday Feb life

It's pretty uneventful. 

But even in winter, Kansas can be a pretty place. 

Now that I am getting over being sick (finally), I get to enjoy my new favorite thing: the ice blue handheld Kitchen Aid mixer. (I love that my boyfriend understands me enough to know how kitchen appliances, especially pretty ones, speak to my heart). 
Crazy Kansas is so tricky. At this point in the year green things think it's time to come up. 


It is not time. The weather fluxes so much here though, they are so confused. Just hold on, guys. 

I just hope whatever is popping up by my back stoop doesn't freeze to death. 
Not much else is happening, minus the laundry flipping around in the dryer, me getting over my cold, and Scout napping her life away (lazy bum).

Happy Saturday.