Fruit and Veggies update

I am writing this blog on Friday (although you won't see it until Saturday, just for the sake of spacing out my posts a little bit). As I type, I am sipping on a second cup of coffee today, a luxury I try and save only for Fridays. Every other day, is just a one cup of coffee day only. I often slip up though this week, I've done well. (Mainly due to my allergies and my inhibited taste buds).

Part of "depriving" myself of more than one cup of coffee/day is just another factor in my daily quest for healthier living. If I was just drinking black coffee, then I probably would allow myself to have coffee whenever my little heart felt like it. But, for me, coffee can practically be dessert in a mug. (I love mixing in steamed almond milk and my homemade chai powder). Sugar, sugar, sugar. I can't get away from it, though I am trying to put less and less sugar in my coffee. (It is not going well. Let's face it. Black coffee is so nasty).

In one of my most recent posts, I mentioned this article I recently read from on what a full days serving of fruits and vegetables looks like. Since reading it, I find that I think about this article every day. I now have a stockpile of apples and oranges in the fridge (both at home and at work). And I must say, it is much easier for me to convince myself to eat fruit when I am in the office. I like having an apple and peanut butter as a way to end my lunch. (The sugar from the peanut butter keeps me from snatching up a piece (or two... or three) of chocolate at the front desk). But still, reminding myself to eat fruit and vegetables is a daily struggle.

I've also found that, on the days I pay really close attention to my fruit and veggie servings, it is easier for fulfill just one of these two categories each day. One day I will eat what I believe (according to those pictures in that article) to be the daily amount of fruit, but fall short on the vegetable side of life. The next day, it will be the other day around.

Actually, keeping track of my fruit intake is much easier than vegetable, since I typically eat fruit whole and by themselves. My vegetable servings are often mixed into other things. For example, I made a zucchini chowder the other day for supper (and have been having the leftovers for lunch the rest of this week). There is a good amount of vegetables in that soup, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, But how much of that soup would I need to eat to get a couple of vegetables? I am not even sure. (Also, as I type "onions" just now, I realized I have no idea how much nutritional value onions even have. It's those tricky white root vegetables that are a serious gray area for me. But I did just learn through the internet that onions are rich in vitamin C. Who knew?)

Focusing on today, I have at least made it on the fruit and vegetable score board, but I don't know if I will make it to the finish line today. (Especially since we have pizza plans with friends for supper tonight). So far today, I've had 1 apple (1 serving of fruit) and a bowl of zucchini chowder (so maybe a 1/2 cup of veggies?) (Don't worry. I did have breakfast but it was just oatmeal).

Again, I find myself motivated to dig back into my fruit stock and grab another apple.

I am glad that I have suddenly found motivation to pay attention to this need in my life. Since finding and trying new recipes is one of my favorite parts about being a human, paying attention for new ways to ease into a high vegetable and fruit diet should not too difficult. That's the hope anyway. I am currently not the best at it, but now that I am acknowledging it, I am increasing my efforts, if only an apple at a time.

I think that counts for something.