Sister-City 2015: Wichita

My sister and I have started this lose tradition of celebrating her birthday/using her Spring Break as a reason to do something awesome. It started 2 years ago when we went to Kansas City for her birthday. For whatever reason, we started referring it it as "Sister City." Now, that's just what it is. Last year, we were in Raleigh and to celebrate the 3rd annual Sister City, we headed to Wichita.

Compared to Kansas City and Raleigh, Wichita might seems pretty anti-climatic, and sure, it kind of is (especially since I live in this area). However, it made way more sense for Leah to come out to Kansas for her spring break . After all, the whole point of Sister City time is to be together. Why no Wichita? And we did somethings there that we had never done before, like to go a Spa and get makeup lessons. (Yes, that does sound like we are 8th grade but it was actually really fun). See. It totally counts. We also went shopping and went out to eat, first at our old favorite haunt, Tanya's Soup Kitchen, and a new place that our friend, Julie, raves about called Taste and See.
The "Before" picture
The "After" picture (and way better lighting)
Other Sister City highlights included watching episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix while eating the angel food cake I made from scratch (what up!) and having brunch with her friends on Thursday morning.
Thanks Joy the Baker for teaching me your ways
I wish every week was Sister City time.