The Week Update: My cat is the devil and other ordinary things

Seriously. Scout is so cute one minute and then a disaster the next.
I am struggling staying awake right now because two nights ago, she decided she needed to get into my room immediately. Since I sleep with my door close (because of her demands for attention at 2am), this results in her scratching and scratching and scratching at the door. I was awake on Friday night from 4:30am to at least some time after 5 and then she kept waking me up. No kind of punishment or barricade did anything to stop this beast. (I think I am going to have to get her declawed. That's super annoying and expensive.

That little devil.
(She's actually loosing her mind right now).

Somedays I have a lot of cat regret. Today is one of those days…

On a more happy note, this past week marked the two anniversary of my relationship with Levent. We didn't do too much in the way of celebration (since it was Tuesday night and we had a pretty awesome Valentine's Day in Lawrence), but we did eat chocolate cake together. I should rephrase that:  I made a massive cake and we've been eating it ever since. It awesome/terrible.After all, I always have really good resolve to eat healthier and then I go ahead and make a gigantic cake. Oh the struggle. And when there is cake in the fridge, it wins every time.  Really, I do want to eat healthier food, but I alway want to find more things to celebrate so I can bake fanatic layer cakes.
But speaking of health things, last night I was going down the internet rabbit hole (instead of going to sleep) and was browsing all these suddenly fascinating articles on (that I convinced myself to read right then and there instead of calling it a night). In the past this website has driven me crazy with their purposeful misspelled titled. (Can't deal). But after last night's wonderings, I think I am a fan. One of the articles I found particularly interesting was "Here are 10 pictures of your daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables."

I really need to up my fruit and veggie game. If I could just focus in on that, it would help my diet immensely. Cooking warm, satisfying suppers in the middle of winter that are still packed full of goodness has felt tricky. And sure, on the whole, I think what I chose to make for dinners is not that bad. (It certainly could be a lot worse since I do not cook with red meat, extremely processed things like "cream of whatever soup," or tons of dairy very often. It happens, but not every day or not even weekly, depending. Still, I am probably only eating about half of the fruit servings I should be and the vegetable one might be even worse. No wonder my skin freaks out on me all the time. I am suddenly motivated to go eat an orange.

I will be traveling this upcoming week, first to Nebraska for work and then to Illinois to see my little, nephews, which makes eating healthier even harder.

Oh well. At least it will give me some much needed space from the devil cat named Scout.