Week Update: Aunt-side in Illinois

This week's update comes not from the week, but from last weekend. I spent Friday through Monday hanging out in Illinois with my brother's family (and my mom) so I could meet my new little baby nephews, Abram and Luke, and help out a little bit.

I am not always the most maternal person. So when I met these brave little guys (who are just now 5lbs) I was too nervous to touch them. (Janice, my sister-in-law, had to instruct me how to pick them up out of their car sheet). They are so little! (And technically speaking, still have not yet hit their due date).

But, I found the aunt-side of me and the courage to pick them up, rock them, feed them, burp them, all that jazz. While this weekend highlighted that I am glad that I am not a mother, it was really great to meet these little humans and to hang out with family.

Besides the twins, other highlights included helping my niece Makaela with her "space suit" school project and watching my nephew play in his indoor soccer league.

I can't wait to see them all again when I am back in Illinois at the end of June.