Garden angst

I was really hoping to finally put my (purple) green bean seeds into the ground this weekend. The weather had other ideas. Yesterday was lovely, but it had rained (and I mean poured) the night before. So that wasn't happening. And I thought, "maybe today I can go out to my garden."

Think again. It's still wet and the highs today are only in the 50s.

Now is a good time to take some deep breaths and not let my OCD obsession with my garden take over my life and ruin a perfectly good, cozy Sunday.

I did look at my blog posts from last spring and realized that, by this point in the year, I had already planted everything in the ground.

Oh well. Every year is different. It's okay. It is what it is.

Really, I just need to relax. Spring things are happening.

For example, I came home from my trip to Guatemala to find my 3 hosta transplants (all the way from North Carolina) made it. If fact, they were all out in full force, welcoming me home last Saturday.
Moreover, some of my spinach was even big enough to harvest. It wasn't a lot, but we mixed into our jumbo salads for supper on Friday. I am hoping for more very soon. 

(The disappointing thing here is that this spring I had made an whole new garden box in my yard for greens and things. Nothing is coming up, despite that the spinach in the other box is (which was planted at the same time). There is so much about gardening I do not understand). Oh well. I will take (and eat) what I can get). 
Finally, the basil I planted is coming up (and hanging in there). I keep waiting for it to be warm enough that I can leave it outside all of the time. But since the temp keeps dipping, it spends a lot of time inside still. 
I also finally got around to finishing the window screens my Dad started making for me last July. The windows in my rental are really crappy. Most of them do not any type of storm window/screen. So we made some.  I stapled in the screen myself. It was very liberating. Once Levent helped me wrangle them into place, the cool breeze quickly swept through the warm house. It was lovely. (Scout loves the screens too). Although, ironically, the heater just clicked on. So I will not get much use out of them today.
I am never quick enough when it comes to my garden (or so I think). But who cares. I did manage to mow the lawn this weekend. That alone seems like a victory.  I will enjoy my cool weather day while I still have the chance.